The Mother-in-Log is a 5 ft, 50 lb fence post 8 inches in diameter.

He who posts at 20 Beatdowns in a calendar month will earn a date with the Mother-in-Log

A “date with the Mother-in-Log” is 1 beatdown in which the achieving PAX must carry the mother-in-log with him through the entire workout, from Gloom to Flag Pic. He may set her down, but she must always be within arm’s reach. Upon finishing this BD, he will sign his name in black sharpie to the Mother-in-Log and receive a patch for his feat.

If you leave the Mother-in-Log at any point in the BD, she will not accept your signature, you will not receive a patch, and you will have to start over.


Every PAX first MiL patch is free, but additional patches are $4.50, payable to Dr. Pepper Shake.

The Mother-in-Log acts as a symbol of the PAX consistent commitment to D3L. The endeavor often does not make sense to a Sad Clown, but to HIM, represents a persistence in taking his DRP, earning massive respect from his peers.